Just came back from a fabulous reception held by the PA Commission for Women, where my sister-in-law, children’s multi-media performer and producer Maria Del Rey  (unabashed plug for her children’s music CDs here and here) was an honoree for the Voices Project.  Voices, intended to provide Latina and African-American role models for middle-school age girls, is based on a book produced in 2006 and is kicking off a statewide tour, beginning at the PA State Museum. 

Lots of high-powered women there, as you might expect.  Intelligent, management-level gals full on into their careers.  I ran into a colleague I hadn’t seen in years–a woman who holds a position at the highest level of state government–letting her know I could promote one of her health-related nonprofit events on Twitter.  

She had no idea what Twitter was.  Barely knew Facebook (I’m admittedly a marginal user there).  

As a member of Top Conservatives on Twitter TCOT who has only been Twittering part-time on that ID since November (approaching 1500 followers soon–goal to double that in the next month), I’m proof that you are never too old to learn new things. (Note to readers: Yes, I’m one of those rare breed that’s passionate about human services, nonprofits AND is right-leaning politically. I keep my two lives separate.  My other nonprofit-oriented twitterfeed is here.   Don’t follow me on the other ID if you’re not interested in things like excessive federal spending and related issues or your head will explode..and I respect you too much for that to happen.  Plus it would be messy.  

I’m also involved in a number of “ning” community sites, where I interact or blog with others related to specific issues.  More on that later.

So, to get off the box and into the action (no matter your age), here’s a quick low tech video on Web 2.0 and beyond produced by my daughter and a friend. (Note: this doesn’t address Twitter, but you can find a good source here).